We believe that everyone should be able to wear high-quality eyewear. That’s why we’ve created Essential - our most diverse collection with frames in a long range of shapes, colours and sizes. Every frame is carefully crafted to ensure high comfortability and durability - without compromising on look and feel. It’s a collection for the vibrant and social at heart - with playful and bold designs meeting sleeker classics.

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Essentials for everyone

ELATE 3655-58

Elate is characterised by its monotone fronts which are complemented by custom made faded demi acetate temples. Our three feminine shapes are defined by their upward-pointing edges and gloss finish. The male models are matte and subdued, providing a modest and confident look.

Colourful and vibrant - or toned down and subtle.


Take a BOW for this color explosive and timeless design! We are proud to introduce a completely new titanium concept which adds lots of vibrant spring colors and playfulness to the collection. The characteristic of a bended end piece adds color details to the front which has given BOW its unique name


With its simple and minimalistic look, DISC is the comfortable and light choice for eyewear. Great design sometimes takes time, and it has taken several years to refine this specially designed hinge to perfection. The acetate and stainless steel are perfectly aligned, and the hinge is a visual eyecatcher, a simple and beautiful construction, which creates a perfectly formed circle when seen from above.


With an organic flow and delicate color play, WING is the super feminine choice of eyewear. A well-balanced and worked-through concept based on a custom-made 3-layered acetate. The feminine, wavy milling at the end tip and temple allows the different layers to shine through and is simply an eye-opener. The color range is wide, as WING offers both popping eye-catchers as well as subdued choices.

It comes in two feminine shapes, a big modern and characteristic cat eye, and a small butterfly shape.


Like the layers of the earth, STRATA is built up by no less than seven layers of high-quality acetate. The colours are handpicked, and with 2 new shapes, each containing 7 different colours of acetate, STRATA is a magnificent colour explosion to pick and choose from.




Do not give up on a classic, because great design never goes out of style. To celebrate our 50th anniversary we have been going through our back catalogue. Here we found inspiration to FILL, which is a refinement of one of our previous bestsellers. FILL is defined by its sophisticated craftmanship and costume-made acetate lamination.



FLOW has it all. A simple, but feminine concept in classic Danish design. It is not a surprise that these clean and super feminine shapes quickly have become one of our very popular concepts. All frames have an organic flow from front to temple, which is cut off by the characteristic and eyecatching rimless rim. The delicate lines have given FLOW its name.



This characteristic concept offers strong shapes for both men and women. The beautiful two-coloured front is indeed eye-catching and gives name to the concept. Titanium is lightweight as well as allergy friendly, and even though these shapes are full of details, they are still light which make them comfortable to wear.


You know the concept. QUADRA is here to stay… and now two new shapes are introduced: A small trapeze and a large panto. They’re based on existing shapes but with brand new colors. The frame is Prodesign in every aspect. The pleasing and subtle exterior color is highlighted by the vibrant inside colorway – providing the frame with the character and originality we’re known for. Both two-tones and more bold color combinations is offered in this concept.

QUADRA has a pleasing and subtle exterior color that’s highlighted by the vibrant inside colorway – providing the frame with true Prodesign character.


The little colour-blocked stripe adds a sporty and playful look to this subtle shape and has given RACE its
name. This is already a popular concept, and with this launch, we have added two new small-sized shapes: a
small half-rim and a classic rectangular. All with sporty colours and details just like the original RACE, allowing every man to find his favorite choice


The custom-made titanium temple makes SWEEP unique. It is cast in one piece and leaves the wearer with a dynamic and sporty look. SWEEP has taken its inspiration from a hockey stick confidently sweeping over the ice, strong and durable.



DUAL is created in simple Stainless Steel, which leaves room for the beautiful demi acetate to properly shine through. With a warm and bold colour play, these shapes light up the face and adds colour to the wardrobe.



A classic essential metal concept. Smooth acetate end-tips and nucrel nosepads in a lightweight and flexible frame make Square a joy to wear. It comes in two-tone colorways on the inside and outside of the frame - with an elegant square detail matching the the inner color at the end-tip. Square will be available in two different female shapes - one with broad appeal and the other an eye-catching cat-eye. These are accompanied by two masculine shapes, a small square design and a larger 58 eye size rectangular frame.

Square is a classically essential metal concept - with elegant details throughout.

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