A series of sharply designed shapes combining advanced craftsmanship and technical innovation. That is what Axiom is all about. In this collection, we’re pushing the limits when it comes to choice of materials and the technical construction of each and every frame. This is also why the frames from the Axiom collection has a distinctly industrial, sleek and modern look - perfect for those who care about design, craft and engineering.

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Modern designs with flawless precision


TRIANGLE is characterized by its unique geometrical hinge, which has been developed especially for this concept. Flexible hinges are usually sturdy, but this is delicate and light, and creates a unique look, which changes appearance depending on the temples being opened or closed.



We’re adding a new shape to our highly succesful concept; MATCH. The collection is known for
its clean and consistent industrial look with a custom-crafted metallic hinge accentuating the
sharp, masculine nature of the frames.

This is a level of technical detail that is rarely seen in
the optical industry. A vibrant color palette is reserved for the metallic hinges, adding a powerful
and sporty detail to the overall impression.

MATCH is perfectly representing the sporty and masculine aspect in Prodesign


With toned-down matte colours in classic shapes, Block is the elegant and clean choice. It’s simple and sharp all the way from the acetate front to the characteristic block hinge - a functional flex hinge in brushed steel, provides a great fit. Block comes in a wide range of eye sizes from 50 - 58 in a unisex panto or a more square shape. It’s functional design and high degree of finish serve as a continuous reminder of our classic Axiom collection.

Block is the essence of Scandinavian simplicity with a sleek look, delicate details and a clean construction.

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