Almost 30 years ago a new kind of frame saw the light of day. A frame that made an entire industry turn its heads, while posing a question: What if the same piece of eyewear could change completely – depending on the occasion or even your mood? The answer was an adaptive design piece, that enabled everyone to express themselves in the moment.


In 1993, we launched SWITCH – the modular frame. Interchangeable screws made it possible to shift between a range of tops in different colors. It became a frame of the times: Where colorful expressions and constantly changing styles dominated fashion. SWITCH enabled everyone to use one frame to express themselves. One style today, another one tomorrow.


Now the time is right once again. There’s a clear move towards more colourful and playful style choices. The same holds true for an ever-increasing and important focus on prolonging the lifesspan of our products. It seems only natural to relaunch the concept.


We’re re-introducing SWITCH. It’s a classic and minimalist metal frame with two clean adjustable screws and a multitude of different frame tops. Go from sleek and subtle to graphic and colorful – and back again.


One piece of eyewear — with many opportunities

One frame. Multiple opportunities. We’re introducing SWITCH.

SWITCH: A minimalist metal frame with two clean adjustable screws
and a multitude of different frame tops. The choice is yours.
Switch. Now, switch again.

Ready, set, switch. With SWITCH you can choose your own style.
Celebrating the power of durability and of choosing your own way:
We’re introducing SWITCH. Now your eyewear changes with your style.

In 1993 we launched SWITCH – the modular frame.
Now we’re relaunching it. Change your frame like you change your style. Every day.

One style today, another one tomorrow.
Change your frame tops in a second – no tools required.

The adjustable screws in SWITCH are carefully crafted
making the feel and friction just right


SWITCH comes as a classic metal frame with three different and changeable acetate tops. The frame will launch in four separate styles in metallic colors; gold, silver and gun metal - some shiny and some matte. The small and minimalistic screws are simply applied by hand,
making it fast and easy to switch between the different tops — no tools required.

The keywords for SWITCH are individuality and choice. The shapes have been updated carefully to be in line with contemporary trends, whilst still honouring the original design language. We’ve used advanced technology and carefully crafted the subtle screws to give them the exact right volume and friction for easy switching.

SWITCH is once again a frame of its time, celebrating the power of durability and of choosing your own way. It’s the proof that eyewear can be ever-changing.


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