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May 25, 2018

It’s all about lightness


The Essential Collection is our core collection. It is inspired by Danish design classics with face-friendly shapes and an eye for timeless good look; always with playful twists of color.

The trend this season is all about lightness; both in choice of materials and coloration. We focus on lightweight materials as titanium and CXT, which can be cut thin making the frames lightweight and comfortable to wear.

“To enhance the impression of lightness we have added metal colors like earthy greens, dark blues and subtle grays making the design beautiful” says Marie-Louise Japhetson, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign.

Concept 1424-1425 is the new titanium frame from the Essential Collection, decorated by a fine pattern giving the frame a unique expression and, soft textured touch. This concept is available in two shapes, four colors each.

“We wanted to see how detailed we could make a textured pattern on a frame” explains Marie-Louise Japhetson

After testing the different techniques, the pattern was created by etching; a technique where a strong acid is used to produce incised lines in the titanium.

We have worked with different patterns, shapes and colors and we ended up with a gradient pattern based on a square. The final result is a lightweight titanium frame, with a high level of detail in classic shapes and colors

You can explore the three different shapes of this new concept here: 1424 and 1425

Want to know more about the design behind this new concept?

Check this video :