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July 10, 2018




Innovative and stylish, the Sun Collection stays true to our legacy.

All designs have great attention to innovative details, and a facial fit, second to none.

“Our Sun Collection is truly in a class of its own, with frames that work as true statement pieces” says Marie-Louise Japhetson, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign.

Model 8655 c.5531

A centerpiece in the Sun Collection is the concept behind the models 8655, 8656 and 8657 .

Functional and foldable frames, designed with a cool expression. The functionality of it being foldable is adding to its cool expression while the comfortable fit stays true to our spirit.

We can proudly say, that it was well received at last year’s IOFT in Tokyo, where it won the Japan Eyewear Award in the Sunglasses Category for its excellent design and comfortable fit. We’re truly proud of this international recognition

“ Our foldable frames come with a specially designed leather pouch, which can fit into any pocket ” explains Marie-Louise Japhetson.

Another great model to let the sunshine in is the model 8120.

The fine female details and golden colors of this sun frame is inspired by Art Deco style jewelry.

Note the fine technique in coloration on the front and the thin stainless-steel temples with Havana end-tips.

Model 8120  c. 9121


“This elegant sun frame comes in three elegant colors that will frame your eyes beautifully” says Marie-Louise Japhetson as a closing remark.