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April 20, 2018

Frame your beauty with fine details, like fine jewellery



The Iris Collection is our elegant collection inspired by curves and timeless jewellery design. It has exquisite detailing and fine curves made to frame the beauty of your eyes. The collection plays with golden details, matte finishes and true metals creating a luxurious look.

“To enhance the elegant look of the Iris Collection the color palette mimics the stunning colors of gem stones,” says Marie-Louise Japhetson, Eyewear Architect of the Iris Collection.

Concept 5165-67 is the latest addition to the Iris Collection and is available in 3 beautiful shapes, four colors each. It has elegant lines with beautiful rich colors on the front and matching tone-in-tone colors on the temples.

“The ornamentation on this frame adds a bit of glamour to the frame,” explains Marie-Louise Japhetson.

An elegant detail accentuating the jewellery universe of the Iris Collection is the subtle pattern on the bottom rim and its coloration, which continues out onto the five small cubes on the temples. In addition, these small cubes are rotated in different directions, allowing the light to get caught in different ways. The fine details in combination with the elegant coloration will frame your beauty perfectly.

You can explore the three different shapes of this new concept here: 51655166 and 5167.

Want to know more about the inspiration behind the Iris Collection?

Check this video with the Eyewear Architect Marie-Louise :