Not just a gimmick!


This fall we are introducing an innovative and stylish new collection that stays true to our legacy.

A centerpiece in the new collection is an innovative foldable frame from the Danish Heritage Collection.


In the new collection from ProDesign, I’ve made a foldable frame, which not only looks cool, but also adds a practical gimmick to the design of eyewear”,

says Cathrine Haugerud, Eyewear Architect of the Danish Heritage Collection. 



The functionality of the foldable frame is adding to its cool expression while the comfortable fit

stays true to the ProDesign spirit”, Cathrine Haugerud continues.



The models 8655-57 come with a great characteristic that will be practical for users.


Cathrine elaborates this as follows: “The frame fits perfectly into a small specially designed leather pouch,

which can fit in any pocket. Quite cool! ”.


We can proudly say, that the foldable gimmick was well received at this year’s IOFT in Tokyo,

where it won a Japan Eyewear Award for its excellent design and comfortable fit.


I’m truly proud of this international recognition ”, says Cathrine as her closing remark.

We could not agree more! 










Designed by Eyewear Architects


As true architects we create innovative,colorful and contemporary frames to complement

your personal style. Always with a fit, second to none.

Know more about the Eyewear Architects.



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