For more than 40 years we have created beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. Drawing on our Danish heritage we design innovative eyewear with a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression. It is all about creating that perfect match, which makes you feel as good as you look.
We were founded in 1973 by opticians and our longstanding cooperation with the optical trade gives us in-depth knowledge of both the opticians’ profession and retail sector conditions. This enables us to build strong relations with our customers, based on ‘face-friendly’ eyewear, efficient logistics and reliable after-sales service.

Our creative team are all graduates from the Aarhus School of Architecture. We have a playful yet reflective approach to our designs and like true architects, we continuously explore the possibilities of eyewear design by rethinking form and function, challenging industry standards and making innovative solutions. Therefore, we proudly define ourselves as Eyewear Architects.

Design Eyewear Group
Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years. Design is the heart of our company and great design is what defines all our brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look. Please visit for more information on our brands.